So, let's go

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This year, I got a new haircut. I bought 3 inch heels. I learned to skate again and took up something else completely new. I started carrying my camera with me at all times. I now take my coffee black. I'm reading more. My new favourite movie is "Kontroll".

Overall, I suppose 2011 was an inspiring year of sorts. I said, thought, and did things I usually don't, sometimes even surprising myself. But despite all these new and different experiences, I don't feel like I've moved very far from where I was at the beginning of the year. And there's a part of me that's restless to do something about it. Because what I fear most is becoming someone who doesn't continue to evolve.

See you in 2012.

And how did I end up here anyways?

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My arms are full, yet I have nothing
I can't get away from people, yet I am alone
So I drive on
And on
And on
Smiling yet silent
In hopes of reaching
I'm not sure where
(And, oh, is this forest ever tangled and dense)
But for now
The least I can do
Is try to get myself out of this darkness
Although there's no telling what lies beyond how I thought Sakamoto Maaya's Driving in the silence was going to be like, but, uh, yeah, nevermind. (Actual lyrics this-a-way.) On heavy-rotation instead: Arai Akino's recent side project RuRu Chapeau, and the recently disbanded riddim saunter's acoustic album.


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Dear Sir,

You are "a bit surprised"? And "You can only imagine…"? You clearly never knew me at all. But then again neither did I because I thought that you surely had more imagination than that.

Anyhow, I would write back to clarify my last message, but I am too busy enjoying my treat. The bitter edge of the dark chocolate plus orange rind is just right!



I do highly recommend Lindt's Excellence Orange Intense chocolate bar though.